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With our SACRED SMOKE SUBSCRIPTION BOX you will get to experience and explore the benefits of different herbal cleansing wands + crystals to enhance your monthly rituals.

When you become a subscriber you will receive:

1. A monthly box including one 4" RITUAL WAND, one card with a ritual to perform with your wand for that month. And you will also receive one MYSTERY GIFT (incense, jewelry, plant, candle, etc....)

*All boxes ship on/around the 15th of each month.

ORDERING DETAILS: If you order before the 15th of the month you will receive THAT months box. If you order AFTER the 15th, you will receive the next months box.

The sense of smell is the most nuanced of our senses. It can take us back to happy moments, bring forth vivid memories we had once forgotten, and even facilitate a mood change within us and our environment. 

It is our goal to harness the magic that lies within all of us and bulk up our olfactory system! We have enjoyed SO MUCH learning about scent, how to layer different scents to create different outcomes and challenging/delighting our senses, and we're so excited to be sharing it all with you.

It is our intention that every deep scent diver (thats you 😉) not only LOVES the curation, but also learns something at the same time; so look out for little cards & little boopie-doops in your box. They are there to teach you something!