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GEMINI (5/21 - 6/21) is an air sign that is known for its communicative nature, intellectual curiosity, and adaptability. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Gemini sign:

CLEAR QUARTZ - Hey Gemini, ready to level up your mental game? Clear Quartz is your personal power-up, bringing clarity, strength, and positive vibes—consider it your gemstone sidekick for achieving laser-focused goals and keeping that wild Gemini mind in check!

CITRINE - Seeking inner peace and emotional balance? Citrine is here to sprinkle harmony into your life, helping you juggle those ever-changing emotions like a magical circus performer.

TIGER'S EYE - Ignite your decision-making superpowers with Tiger's Eye, the crystal compass that'll guide you to practical and fair resolutions—consider it your head-and-heart harmony coach!

SODALITE - Feeling overwhelmed, sociable Gemini? Fear not! Sodalite is your anxiety-soothing, panic-preventing pocket pal, keeping you cool, calm, and collected even in the craziest of Gemini moments.

APATITE - Hungry for insight, creativity, and learning? Apatite is your intellectual feast, enhancing focus, clarity, and even sprinkling a dash of unconditional love into the mix.