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LEO (7/23 - 8/22) is a fire sign that is known for its confidence, creativity, and leadership qualities. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Leo sign:

SUNSTONE - Calling all Leo leaders! Get ready to shine like the sun with Sunstone, the stone that takes your natural Leo traits and turns them up to "stellar" levels—charisma, enthusiasm, power, brilliance, and more, all in one shiny package!

ROSE QUARTZ - Rose Quartz is here to help you find that emotional balance and boost your self-esteem—because even confident lions need a little self-love sometimes, especially when juggling all those grand ideas!

DALMATIAN JASPER - Life feeling too serious? Let Dalmatian Jasper be your playful sidekick, helping you go with the flow and infusing your days with optimism—because even the King of the Jungle needs a break from being all majestic and regal!

LAPIS LAZULI - Secretive Leo, it's time to reveal your true colors! Lapis Lazuli is your majestic gemstone ally, breaking down those guarded walls and helping you connect with others while unleashing your psychic powers—so you can rock your royal aura with authenticity!

PYRITE - Pyrite, the Fool's Gold, is your golden ticket to turning those passionate visions into reality, amplifying your leadership qualities and igniting your inner fire—because you're not just the King of the Zodiac, you're also the master of your own destiny!