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LIBRA (9/22 - 10/23) is an air sign that is known for its balance, harmony, and social skills. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Libra sign:

ROSE QUARTZ - Calling all Libras, love is in the cosmic air! Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakra, making you a love magnet—whether you're hunting for romance or just looking to connect with the universe, this crystal has your back!

AVENTURINE - Get ready to hit the jackpot of luck and abundance! Aventurine activates your heart chakra, showing you that opportunities are everywhere, and luck is your trusty sidekick—time to roll the cosmic dice!

AMETHYST - Let your confidence sparkle like a crystal disco ball! Amethyst keeps you zen, helps you charm your way to success, and even manages your anger issues—stress and anxiety are out, and confidence is in!

CLEAR QUARTZ  - Let your intuition be your cosmic GPS! Clear Quartz boosts your positive vibes, clears your mind of negativity, and brings you that crystal-clear clarity you need to make those balanced decisions!

CITRINE - It's time to sparkle and shine! Citrine invites good fortune, boosts your self-confidence, and reminds you to take care of your mind and body—get ready to be the star of the show!