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RITUAL SAGE WAND + Desert Jasper (4"/9")

Our RITUAL SAGE WANDS are hand-crafted with gorgeous wildflowers, rose petals and eucalyptus. Burn your Ritual Wand in your home or work space to cleanse the air of bacteria, harmful pollutants while also clearing the negative energy & bad vibes.

Desert Jasper is a stone that ignites the physical body with vitality, passion and enthusiasm. It grounds us deep into the energy of Earth inspiring the clearing and opening of our Root Chakra. It helps us anchor and feel at home in our physical bodies and at home on Earth. It also stabilizes, strengthens and empowers. It fill us with a sense of resiliency and shows us how to stand our ground from a place of strength, calm and confidence. It uplifts and inspires, motivates and fills our consciousness with happiness and joy.

***  Our SAGE comes from the mountainous regions surrounding California where it is grown on private property, handled very carefully by trained workers and then gently prepared into bundles after it is picked. The workers know to only pick the top stalk of the plant so that more sage can continue to grow from that plant. They don’t take too much because that would hurt the plant. When the sage is picked, little pieces of the sage plant fall to the ground and new sage plants are born. ***