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Our Ritual Sage Torch - Holiday Ornaments are the perfect tool / decor item for the holidays, not to mention a great hostess gift!

The holidays are a truly special time of year full of warmth, love and happiness but, on the flip side entertaining can take a toll once the dust settles and your guests bid farewell.

Your Ritual Sage Torch is perfect for clearing your space and yourself after a holiday soiree, so you can clear and restore the energy of your home.

To Display: Hang on tree, chandelier, doorknob or arch of a doorway like mistletoe.

To Use:
1. Remove STAR ANISE from wand.
2. Place your Sage Torch on a heat-proof burning surface like a ceramic bowl, shell or pot. Light the bundle until it begins to smoke.
3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use your hand to direct smoke through your space. Visualize the smoke taking away all that which you desire to clear.

Once your space is cleaned extinguish your bundle in your heat-proof bowl or vessel.