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'SWEET DREAMS' - Ritual Box

Unleash the power of your dreams with our magical 'SWEET DREAMS' Ritual Box!

Included in our 'SWEET DREAMS' Ritual Box:

'SWEET DREAMS' Mugwort Ritual Wand - Embark on a captivating lucid dreaming adventure with our mystical MUGWORT Ritual wand with a Pink Opalite Moon. 

- Selenite Crescent Moon Dish - Perfect for charging and cleansing your crystals and jewelry. Bask in its serene energy as it banished negativity, fostering deep peace, tranquility and mental clarity. Let it grace your bedside, inviting restful sleep and soothing dreams.

- Brass Lighter - Amplify your celestial rituals and ignite your 'SWEET DREAMS' Ritual Wand! Designed to fit any standard sized BIC lighter, this elegant case adds a touch of magic to your sacred space. * Lighter not included *

Crystals - You will also receive 3 crystals to add to your collection (Moonstone, Desert Rose and Pyrite)

This Ritual Box is DREAMY!!