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TAURUS (4/20 - 5/20) is an earth sign that is known for its practicality, stability, and sensuality. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Taurus sign:

ROSE QUARTZ- Rose Quartz is like a cosmic cuddle, boosting your compassion, healing those emotional wounds, and helping you release worries—cue the love fest!

AVENTURINE - Taureans, it's time to attract abundance and luck like a magnet! Aventurine soothes your soul, opens the doors to prosperity, and reconnects you with your heart—get ready for a cosmic cash flow!

TIGER'S EYE - Feeling like you need a bodyguard, Taureans? Tiger's Eye is here to protect and empower you, boosting your inner security and strengthening that willpower—cue the superhero!

DESERT ROSE - Obstacles, beware! Desert Rose guides you through any challenge with unwavering focus, flexibility in thinking, and a boost of confidence—it's time to conquer!

PYRITE - It's time to unleash your money-making magic! Pyrite supports your determination, banishes fear, and propels you forward on the path to success—get ready to make it rain cosmic gold!