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AQUARIUS (1/20 - 2/18) is an air sign that is known for its creativity, originality, and independent nature. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Aquarius sign:

AMETHYST - Hey Aquarians, need some emotional stability? Amethyst's got your back, keeping those mood swings in check and turning your restless nights into peaceful slumbers—bye-bye, anxiety, hello serenity!

CLEAR QUARTZ - Clear Quartz is your magical accomplice, providing clarity for all that deep thinking and amping up the power of your crystal squad—consider it the ultimate hype crystal!

TOURMALINE - Negative vibes got you down? Tourmaline, your powerful protection birthstone to the rescue! This protective superhero absorbs all that toxic energy and neutralizes any pesky presences—think of it as your cosmic bodyguard!

FLUORITE - Complex concepts making your head spin? Fear not! Fluorite's here to enhance your focus and concentration, making those abstract ideas a piece of celestial cake—cue the intellectual superpowers!

CITRINE - It's time to level up your abundance game! Citrine brings the light and prosperity, balancing your energetic flow and turning you into a manifesting maestro—prepare for an influx of cosmic riches!