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SAGITTARIANS (11/22 - 12/21)  are believed to be adventurous, independent, and optimistic individuals. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Sagittarius sign:

CLEAR QUARTZ - Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to mental brilliance, Sagittarius! Clear Quartz is like a brain spa, whisking away stress, negativity, and confusion so you can tackle your goals like a rockstar genius.

MOONSTONE - Get ready to dance with the moon and unleash your inner goddess! Moonstone will have you flowing through life's twists and turns with grace and lunar magic, guiding you to make decisions that are out of this world.

TURQUOISE - Luck be a Sagittarius tonight! Turquoise is your cosmic lucky charm, lifting your spirit higher than a unicorn on a trampoline and providing inner guidance like a wise spiritual guru. Get ready to rock your worthy pursuits with a touch of enchantment!

SODALITE - Sodalite is here to upgrade your intuition and bring mental clarity like a superhero cape for your mind. Tap into its power to approach life with a more mindful and zen-like attitude—cue the "om" soundtrack!

CITRINE - Ignite your creative fire and manifest abundance like a boss! Citrine is your energetic cheerleader, inspiring you to pursue your wildest adventures and big goals with a burst of motivation and limitless imagination. Prepare to conquer the world, one dazzling idea at a time!