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SCORPIO is a water sign that is known for its passion, intensity, and deep emotional nature. Here are five crystals that are believed to enhance the Scorpio sign:

OBSIDIAN - Hey Scorpios, need a bodyguard for your flirtation with danger? Obsidian has your back with high levels of protection and grounding—it's like having a bouncer for your soul!

RED JASPER - Need a confidence boost? Red Jasper is your autumn accessory, giving you spiritual processing power and keeping you focused and determined like a determined detective on a mission!

RHODONITE  - Empowerment alert! Rhodonite is your compassion generator, bringing together kindred souls and promoting bonding with others who share your fabulous Scorpio qualities—consider it your soul sister magnet!  

SMOKEY QUARTZ - Time to let go, Scorpios! Smokey Quartz is your magical eraser for the past, making bygones be bygones and vaporizing your anger, fear, and anxiety with its powerful grounding energy—say hello to a fresh start!

DESERT ROSE - Grudges holding you back? Desert Rose is your truth revealer and confidence booster, providing the clarity you need to let go, move forward, and strut your Scorpio stuff without any negative baggage!