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A mix of crystals that can uplift your spirit - kicking any sadness and depression to the curb.

RAINBOW CALCITE: Sprinkle joy, positivity, and vibrant energy into your life with Rainbow Calcite. It helps you shake off negativity and embrace emotional balance with a colorful twist.

TURQUOISE: Experience a tranquil oasis with Turquoise. Its soothing vibes whisk you away to a state of tranquility and balance, uplifting your spirit to new heights.

LEPIDOLITE: Find your inner Zen with Lepidolite, your fluffy cloud of calmness. It melts away stress, helping you find inner balance and put a smile back on your face.

DALMATIAN JASPER: Unleash your inner joy with Dalmatian Jasper, your energetic sidekick. Its grounding energy helps shake off sadness and brings fun back into your life.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Embrace crystal-clear clarity with Clear Quartz. It amplifies positive energy, providing mental sharpness and helping you wave goodbye to negativity.

AMETHYST: Banish sadness and embrace serenity with Amethyst. Its calming energy wraps you in tranquility, guiding you through life's ups and downs with grace and positivity.

ROSE QUARTZ: Mend your spirit with the gentle and loving vibes of Rose Quartz. Like a warm hug from a dear friend, it brings comfort during tough times and turns frowns into rosy smiles.

CELESTITE: Lift your spirit to heavenly heights with Celestite. Its calming and uplifting energy serenades you, bringing magic and positivity to your journey. Soar high on the wings of joy, leaving sadness behind.