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'WITCHY WOMAN' - Ritual Box

Time to get WITCHY!

Included in our 'WITCHY WOMAN' Ritual Box:

'WITCHY WOMAN' Black SageRitual Wand
(Black Sage + Cinnamon Stick + Broom!) -- use this spiritual tool to enhance your sacred and magical witchy rituals. BLACK SAGE, also known as Witch's Herb is a powerful lunar herb that can enhance psychic powers, dreams and visions. It is often burned before crystal ball gazing and other forms of divination. CINNAMON STICK
Cinnamon is a known strengthener of magical intention = yielding more powerful results. And every witch needs a mini broomstick.. RIGHT?!

- Mini Cast Iron Cauldron - Great for casting spells, burning candles, incense, ritual wand. Inside cauldron are 3 batwing nuts and a black tourmaline crystal. 

- The Witches Familar Oracle Deck -A beautifully illustrated, nature inspired white witch oracle deck, based on Elder Futhark runes. 24 cards + guidebook

ABUNDANCE is headed your way!!

**Caution: Cast Iron can become HOT when burning incense or ritual wands. Please be sure to place these on a heat proof surface. Keep out of reach of children, pets & flammable material.*